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but…is she nude?

September 20th, 2002 by Biggles · No Comments

From Magic Box:

N.U.D.E. @ Natural Ultimate Digital Experiment

Publisher: Microsoft
Developer: Red Entertainment
Platform: Xbox
Genre: Promotion Simulation
Origin: Japan
Release: Spring 2003

“Red Entertainment, the developer of the Sakura Taisen series, announced a new Xbox promotion simulation game called “N.U.D.E. @ Natural Ultimate Digital Experiment.” The game is scheduled for release in Japan in Spring 2003. In this game your mission is to teach a robot girl P.A.S.S. (Personal Assist Secretary System) to behave like a true human. You can communicate with the robot via the Xbox Voice Communicator, using a real-time voice synthesis technology developed by Toshiba.”

I just felt this stood out for some reason, in a very bad and uncomfortable way. Heh, where does it go from here?

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