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Claims of the unclaimable

March 17th, 2004 by eod · No Comments

Tom’s Hardware has an amusing story about doing a little fact checking on a company that claims to be selling a AMD FX-51 3400+ (no such thing) with a 3dMark 2003 score of 17,000+. Turns out the guy is lacking a few other things in his business also.

Read it here

Edit: If you read this article and watched the interview at the end, you may have felt (as we did) that the interview lacked zazz. A coworker of mine (in the sense that he draws a paycheck, not in the sense that he works) has created a remix of the interview that addresses this deficiency. Credit for this silliness goes to our friend lsd4all; comments, suggestions and lawsuits should be sent this-a-way.

Michael’s Computers remix
Incidentally, I should’ve pointed out that the edit is by me, weis, not by eod. His coworkers aren’t that cool.

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