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Did you know?

September 14th, 2004 by fenomas · No Comments

Say, kids! Did you know that the current administration has been quietly filling board vacancies (and the budget) of the Selective Service System – you know, that runs the Draft? No? Well, did ya know that in 2003 Fox News argued successfully in a Florida appeals court that they are not bound by the FCC’s policy against falsification of the news, and that deliberate distortion of the news is protected by the first amendment? How about that, on the same day Saddam was captured, Bush signed the Intelligence Authorization Act for 2004, which dramatically expands the Patriot Act, allowing the FBI to request personal records from all kinds of businesses – banks, stockbrokers, car dealerships, the USPS – without a court order or permission from a judge (and also prohibits the businesses from telling anyone)? Why not?

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