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vetis sells

April 23rd, 2004 by Vetis · No Comments

Yes, it’s true. Vetis is selling his pen forum account, but you can profit from his misfortune. Whether you want an account with over 2000 posts on it, or you just want a verbal punching bag to spew your misguided invective at, this account is for you! Be the life of the party, impress friends, shine on enemies. Act now and get this great havatar which was bestowed upon this account after a moderator couldn’t understand that a certain standpoint didn’t make one a homophobe and found out that his rantings about mirrors and miscegenation didn’t get him anywhere (just joshin’ fen, you know I <3 you in more ways than one). Upon payment at auction end the winner will receive a login name, a password and an e-book containing fun vetis trivia. Don't let this opportunity pass you by!

Place your ebay bids here! (paypal accepted)

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