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If you think riding the short bus is embarassing you should try being the driver.

August 19th, 2005 by Clme · No Comments

While driving to work this evening I glanced at my rearview mirror and noticed that a car behind me was being driven erratically and weaving back and forth. At first I thought it was another cell-phone driving asshole, so I started to speed up and move to another lane. I always try to distance myself from cell-phone drivers just in case they happen to veer into me when the phonesex gets really good. I just dont want to lose another car to someone elses orgasms. Anyway, for some reason I looked back again, and noticed that the driver was a teenage male and was not talking on a cell phone, but watching his passengers. They way he was looking at them made me try to get a closer look, since he was obviously engrossed in something very interesting happening next to him. The passengers were two teenage girls. One of them was in the front seat, and the other was leaning forward from the back seat. The girls were both hot, and they were taking turns kissing one another. Suddenly I was also driving erratically and weaving back and forth trying to watch. In retrospect, a cell phone would have been safer. This brought up an interesting question to mind: What crazy shit do people try to do while driving in a car? I mean, we’ve all done the shaving in the car thing… we’ve all seen women put on makeup in the car… we’ve all heard stories of road-head. I’m interested in out of the ordinary shit that people have actually seen. Post it on our forum or email me at

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