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Breaking News from Palestine

January 26th, 2006 by Weis · No Comments

Pen News Service now brings you an excerpt from a speech delivered today by a spokesman for Hamas:

&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp In this week’s historic elections, the people of Palestine have demonstrated that Hamas is a political force to be reckoned with. For many years, we have advocated the destruction of Israel and launched terrorist attacks on Israel precisely because we lacked genuine political power. Now that we have attained this power, we can abandon our former stance, and I am pleased to announce that today, Hamas will formally recognize Israel as a sovereign nation, and we hope that over time, peace can be established between our two societies. &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp We understand that a longstanding emnity such as ours does not disappear overnight, and many people in Israel and elsewhere may doubt the sincerity of our new policy. For this reason, we wish to immediately begin to atone for our past sins, by helping to rebuild what we have destroyed. Specifically, we call on the United States to launch an immediate rebuilding effort in Israel, similar to the one in Iraq. It is our hope that we may join America in this effort, and I have no doubt that the young men and women of Hamas will be enthusiastic partners in this enterprise.

More as it happens, here on Pen News.

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