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I know I should say no; but its kinda hard when she’s ready to go!

August 3rd, 2007 by Clme · No Comments

Its time for yet another episode of Masturbatory Roleplaying! The game where everybody loses, even when they win!. Story Five:
Web-Cam Truth or Dare.

Imagine that you’re a voyeur. Or don’t imagine. You are. We all know it. We forgive you. Now give me back my underwear and re-mulch the area under the windows. Anyway… since that went to a bad place lets change the scenario again. You’re watching a complicated soap opera in which the protagonist is a young man that is working nights to pay for school. He lives almost rent-free with his girlfriend. We now join our program, already in progress: …On his way to bed he looked into the computer room as saw her sitting there, clad in a tank top and a pair of panties. She glared at him as though he had disturbed something private, which in fact he had. The light on her webcam was conspicuously on, and the position of her tank top revealed that she most likely was not wearing her bra anymore. He feigned ignorance to the proceedings, wanting to avoid the fight and just get some sleep. He was too tired to care, and quite frankly a fight right now wouldn’t help end the two month dry spell he had been encountering anyway; the latest in a chain of dry spells that started back about the same time that he started to work third shift at his call center job. In some sort of ritual defiance to these thoughts he jerked off and came weakly into a dirty shirt before throwing the shirt in the general direction of the hamper and falling asleep. In what must have been only 15 minutes later, suddenly he was being shaken awake. She was sitting on the bed next to him now, and wanted to have sex. There was a faint smell of beer on her breath as she whispered into his ear ‘Hey! I want you to fuck me over the edge of the bed and then come all over my face’. Even though he knew he should say no… well, she was right there, ready. He was up almost immediately, and they started to go at it. Positions were changed several times, and she kept saying “Are you almost there?” He wasn’t, even after a half hour of this. Something was missing. Some little voice in his conscience kept distracting him. Plus of course he had just pulled one off right before she sauntered in for some action. Finally, after another ten minutes he managed to have a weak orgasm, but didn’t remember to pull out and come on her face as requested. She cried out “Wait, did you come?” “Yeah. I did” “YOU SON OF A BITCH!” She yelled “All I asked for was for you to come on my fucking face and you couldn’t get that much right?” He closed his eyes to disguise the rolling motion they were making and crawled back into bed. “Sorry.” he said “I was tired and forgot” She stormed back into the computer room and started frantically typing again. Apparently she just lost some sort of web-cam truth or dare. He fell asleep with a smile on his face. He may not be getting laid again for another two months, but this was oh so worth it. Especially once he remembered to check the IRC logs on her computer the next day.

Such a happy couple. I bet they go far!

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