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Yakkety Sax

January 3rd, 2010 by Clme · No Comments

There has long been a theory that adding the Benny Hill Theme Song (‘Yakkety Sax’) to any tragic video will make it funny. Of course, it helps if the video is sped up.

For example:

I challenge the readers, email harvesters, and spam-bots that frequent this website to find a horrible/tragic/disgusting/etc video that is NOT made better by the addition of the Benny Hill theme. You can add the theme to any youtube video by using the “Benny Hillifier” here:

Sub-Challenge: Someone needs to take the 1man1jar video, speed it up a little, and add the theme song.

In either case the best submissions may end up posted here.

Submissions can be commented on this thread (comments screened) or links can be sent via email to clme@ this domain.

Tags: Inspirational