Comfortable With Conformity

I've been so lazy since the semester ended. For god's sake, I just woke up at 1pm again. That's unlike me. I love to sleep as much as the next person, but rolling out of bed when The Christopher Lowell show is already over just makes me depressed. I also feel so guilty when I wake up late, even though I have nothing to do. I hear my parents leave this morning, saying, "Bye" and go about their day as I dream about computer hubs. COMPUTER HUBS? I don't know even know what that is, but that's what you get having a computer geek boyfriend.

Since I've been a lazy ass for almost a week, I have nothing to talk about, so I'll talk about my "morning" routine. Some people don't eat breakfast when they wake up, but I must. Even if I'm not hungry. I just sat down here a minute ago and ate two pieces of toast with fat free cream cheese. There is always Diet Coke somewhere near me. Always. When I'm at school, my hand is not complete without a can or bottle of Diet Coke or Diet Pepsi, but I prefer Diet Coke. It's part of my weight obsession, to keep my mouth occupied so I won't eat, but more on that later. I'm being too lazy.

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