Comfortable With Conformity

Listen dis:

I have a 34 inch bust, a 29 inch waist, and 39 inch hips. This makes me a size 5/6 and an 11/12.

You try shopping for my clothes.

I'm 5ft 3 inches and fluctuate from anywhere between 130 and 140 pounds, depending on whether I'm watching my weight and/or working out daily. Just to clear up the size issue, I can't possibly squeeze my fat hips into a 5/6, and the 11/12s fall off me. Usually I wear what fits, which is a ladies size 6, or a junior's size 9/10. Female sizes are weird.

So these five blissful days are coming to an end as my sister comes home from New York. The bedroom will go back to being messy, the bathroom garbage overflowing, the TV always on TRL, and the radio always blasting Britney Spears. She's sister, that is.

Sorry these entries are so short. My attention span has been horrible lately.

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