Comfortable With Conformity

I've been updating quite often, so if you're so inclined, see if you missed an entry before reading this one...oh, but I flatter myself.

S has transformed my bedroom into an office/gym. We pulled my old bench out from the corner and used the step aerobics step thing to use as an incline underneath. He reviewed some upper body exercises and showed me some new ones. Strength training-- something I love in theory but hate in practice. I'm a weak motherfucker and I have these big amorphous arms that look awful in tank tops, kinda like Elaine on Ally McBeal.

I forgot to mention that yesterday I got my grades for the fall semester-- a P (for pass) and a B-. I was overjoyed for that B-. I was secretly dreading getting my grade in African-American Lit, because I'm graduating next semester, and I really want to work full time. Having that extra class to make up would fuck up my scheduele good.

The working full time's gotta happen sometime, I guess. I'm trying to find the right time to let my current employer know. I work a couple days a week, tutoring a little boy who is clinically autistic but functions practically like a normal kid. The tutoring is a breeze and the pay is good, but the hours are meager, and teaching kids is not something I think I want to persue in the future, so this job is gonna have to go soon. I'm considering writing for the school paper for something substantial to add to my resume...but even that I'm not 100% sure of.

Anyway, I know this entry bored you. It bored me.

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