Comfortable With Conformity

(I was going to update this yesterday, but I got sidetracked.)

You know every year you tell yourself not to go to the mall the day after Christmas, and every year you do it anyway? No? Maybe that's just me and my sister. Anyway, we braved Aventura Mall on the big shopping day, and shopping we did.

I know this is gonna sound lame as hell, but it made me smile, so screw off. ;) I bought some flare Express jeans with the mall gift certificate S got me for Hanukkah (thank you S) size 5/6. It was the classic "fat girl thinking she still wears a big size" story, Susan Powter style. I took two pairs of 9/10s into the fitting room, and when those were too loose, my sister fetched me some 7/8s, and when those didn't fit, I all but broke out into song when the 5/6s fit.

Some of the gifts I've's like people don't know me at all. I don't wear clothes with name brands like Tommy or DKNY emblazoned on the front like a billboard, I don't like to own movies that you don't want to see more than once, if that, and I don't need perfume when my parents sell it for a living. Ok, no one got me perfume THIS year, but it's like, people get clueless when it comes to gift-giving, and forget my basic interests, like working out, shopping, chocolate, and interior decorating. I've always wanted the whole Anne of Green Gables series, but so far no one has figured that out. Gift certificates, people, gift certificates. It's the American way.

I actually woke up before noon today, which was a big triumph for me, to see if I was needed for work. I feel like a doctor on-call sometimes with my employer, except I only make $11 an hour and I can't stand the sight of blood. As I munched on toast with fat free cottage cheese, I looked out the window and thought, "So this is what morning looks like." Pathetic. Vacation always brings out the sloth in me.

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