Comfortable With Conformity

I was so down yesterday. I attributed my mood swing to PMS, but I just now checked the calendar and I'm not due for PMS until another few days, so I guess it's all me. Great.

I think I've outgrown my webpage. I don't mean people who update their pages are not as evolved and mature as I am, I just mean I, personally, have outgrown my page. If I do start updating again, I'm removing the forum link and asking Josh or Jimbo or whoever the hell mans the forum to get rid of my slot. The forum sucks, and I make no apologies for saying it anymore. I have no patience for anything on there, and even when we do update, the replies to the update always evolve into drivel. So, maybe I'll get around to updating one of these days, but not anytime soon.

I just cleaned the hell out of my bathroom. I had to bribe my sister to empty the garbage by playing her O-Town single. Pathetic. Not my sister, but her laxness (sp?) when it comes to cleaning. She calls me "pyschotic" when she sees me folding my clean laundry the second I bring the basket into the bedroom. She, on the other hand, leaves her clean laundry crumpled in the basket until she wears it all. Holy Jesus, my patience wears thin around here.

So, back to last night. I was morosely eating a Boca burger and rice while S devoured a cheesesteak, fries, fried mozzerella sticks and a Key Lime pie for dessert. My willpower is inpenetrable...when it comes to food at least. And the Boca burger sucked. Is it too much to want a tight, wiry Sandra Bullock-esque body?

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