Comfortable With Conformity

We have a maid. Isn't that insane? I'm talking about the same family who used to count change under the sofa cushions so we could buy toilet paper. I exaggerate not. We have a maid who comes twice a month who mops the tile, cleans the bathrooms and makes all the beds. Her name is Patricia, and I practice my Spanish on her. In all honesty, having a maid is not nearly as exclusive or expensive as I used to think. I believe everyone in this condo has one, and these units run about $40,000 each--and that's the top of the line ones, so don't go thinking I'm rich or nothin'.

It's still freezing, which I'm getting sick of. My skin isn't responding well to it, and I keep getting flaky patches on my face and annoying little break outs. I know freezing is a relative term, but blow me-- to me, 50-60 degrees is freezing, just like when you northerners come down here and complain that 70 degrees is "too hot", or when you faint in the 90 degree weather.

Oh...almost forgot to mention last night. I saw S, and no, it wasn't depressing in the slightest. Maybe I "jinxed" myself, in a good way, by saying that in my last entry.

I'm excited about M coming home from Spain (she was in a semester abroad program for the last six months). M's one of those mentally-advanced, editor-of-her-high-school-yearbook, well-adjusted kids, with a brother like S to instill values like atheism and a no-tolerance policy to boy band pop. Well, I don't necessarily agree that an 18 year old realizing she's atheist makes sense, but she's got a good head on her shoulders nonetheless. Mature or not, she's still got growing to do, but she's aware of that. When I was 18, I still wore my star of David necklace, but considered myself "Jewish but not religious", and didn't really "get" the difference bewteen atheists and agnostics, but I'm a late bloomer in most things, after all.

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