Comfortable With Conformity

January 16, 2001

I got off my lazy ass, woke up at a quarter to ten this morning, and went to NMB to request a transcript that cost me one dollar. Wait, let me back up.

As I was getting ready to leave my house, I was checking the status of some ebay items my parents are selling, and as I yelled out to my mom, "You got some bids!", there was S, standing behind me. The front door was open and he dropped by, unannounced, wearing his obnoxious red Che T-shirt and shorts, on the way to a business meeting, no less. That S.

After NMB, I went to my college and registered to graduate, which took less than five minutes. I'm not in the clear yet-- anyone can register to graduate, but it doesn't necessarily mean you will graduate. College is all about timing, about keeping on top of deadlines and about knowing all the little nuances of the school beaurocracy. The classes are bullshit--it's the school beaurocracy that's a challenge.

Yesterday was bleak. Around 4 or 5 o'clock, everyday, I get horribly fatigued, irritable, sleepy and headachey. It comes on even worse if I'm at home all day, which I was yesterday. Thinking it might be low blood sugar (actually, Tracie gets the credit for thinking it might be low blood sugar), I went to and looked it up. Signs of low blood sugar include everything I mentioned above, plus shakiness of the legs, and a few other symptoms. The website recommened eating or drinking something with sugar in it for a boost of energy. (Usually, I would just pop some pills, hoping the Excedrin would alleviate my headache and give me a caffeine high.) So I drank a huge glass of orange juice and a ate a banana, and I felt less headachey, but I was still sleepy. I ended up taking half an Excedrin, and I felt better almost immediately. Damn drugs. Half a pill is better than two pills, which I used to take, so I shouldn't be hard on myself. A word of caution-- don't start using Excedrin regulary. It's horribly addictive.

Anyway...I'm digesting a peanut butter chocolate Power Bar that feels like a brick in my stomach, and I need to start working out before I become a fat fuck again. Hehe, fat fuck. I love using the word "fuck" as a noun.

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