Comfortable With Conformity

January 27, 2001

I don't mean to steal my homegirl Tracie's latest entry, but I have to agree with her--it's pretty nasty to rag on someone's diary, in their own diary for other people to read. Diaries are a lot of things, but they're not a license to rip someone a new asshole.


I was actually not going to mention this next bit of news until I knew for sure what the outcome was, but that's just my superstition getting the best of me. I had an interview two days ago at a job I really, really, really want. I will actually cry if I don't get a call back from them. It's a part-time, paid internship, which can definitely lead to a full-time job. I don't want to talk about the job too much because of my damn superstitious nature, but the job involves writing, thinking and being creative. The interview went well enough, but I keep harping on the details of how it went, and I'm driving myself crazy thinking of what I should and shouldn't have said. Like I told S, I need this. I need an opportunity like this. And I'm waiting to buy business clothes so I won't jinx myself into not getting the job.

I had fattening dinners three nights in a row, and I'm feeling a little guilty. S's 95 pound, double D breasted cousin from Argentina is in for a visit, so I'd better jump on my bike for a while and leave the writing to the academically gifted.

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