Comfortable With Conformity

January 29, 2001

I have an intense dislike for my sister's boyfriend. If the situation was as simple as physical abuse, or if he was just an uneducated bum, my dislike would be more acceptable. But he's none of these things. He's an college graduate, he has a good job, he was voted Most Likely To Succeed in middle school, he graudated from high school earning the "scholar athlete award", as well as 5.something GPA. However, these are not the reasons I don't like him-- I don't begrudge someone's intelligence. Still, his record of accomplishments make it difficult to outwardly dislike him without sounding petty.

Ok, here it is-- I dub him the moral police. He doesn't drink alcohol out of principle. He doesn't use curse words--ever. He gets noticeably uncomfortable when others do so. He doesn't use profanity. He doesn't watch porn. He's a virgin by choice. He's Jewish, very religous, and only eats Kosher. And I haven't even BEGUN to discuss his personality.

Every fundamental aspect of his being clashes with mine. If my sister and I didn't live together, this wouldn't be an issue.

And I haven't heard from the job yet.

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