Comfortable With Conformity

February 12, 2001

I am going to do something unprecedented tonight. I am going to e-mail my teacher, telling her the test she gave tonight was unfair, that every person who left the classroom was grumbling about how ridiculous the test was, that how there's no way you can give a five chapter test without a study guide, or even a hint at what to study.

Fucking uptight Brazillian professor bitch.

I actually registered with Randstad today, that job-hunting agency that's on all the commericals lately. A representative is supposed to contact me within 48 hours. Yay. That was sarcasm. For some reason, I'm thinking this sleazy, salesman-type person is going to call me, dripping with forced enthusiasm and false hope. I also wonder how much this is going to cost me...

But anyway, New Times hasn't called me, which doesn't mean they won't call me, and Brand Institute (that internship I really, really wanted) never fucking called me after I e-mailed them an inquiry asking if they'd made a decision yet. What the fuck is wrong with them? Do employers lose their humanity once they receive some status? Fuck them. I don't like being on this side of the job game.

In my Media & Society book, I read that at age 24, Jane Pratt became the editor of Sassy magazine, then went on the create her own magazine, Jane. Twenty-fucking-four. Editor of a popular, national teen magazine. How pathetic does that make me feel?

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