Comfortable With Conformity

February 16, 2001

I didn't get the New Times job, but at least they let me know. Well, I e-mailed them, and they e-mailed back, but Brand Institute didn't even e-mail me back.

The shit hit the fan at my house. My parents are furious with my sister's boyfriend, and even more furious with my sister for reacting so calmly to him. She is even seeing him tonight, I think. I heard her giggling and making kissy noises over the phone with him a few hours ago, and I looked at her with disgust and I said, "Are you for real?! I have NO respect for you."

She gave me a dirty look and said, "What do you expect me to do?"

I mouthed to her (so he wouldn't hear) "Break up with him."

Instead of getting mad at him, my sister cried and bitched at me and my mom for pointing out what a shmuck he is.

I hate this guy.

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