Comfortable With Conformity

March 6, 2001

I'm very, very tired. Unreasonably tired. I took a mini-nap between 8-9:30 pm with the lights ON of course, because that's what happens when you don't have your own room. Whatever, it's ok. We're having another Miami cold snap, and my hair is slick-straight again, looking damn beautiful, but I'm home, bored, tired and feeling kinda icky. I think I'm gonna lay off the Raisin Bran, if you know what I mean. If you don't, just think about raisins and bran and what they can do to your body. 'nuff said.

I'm enjoying the religion debate on the forum, but I think people like Rainee, Tylin, Quinn and Kat are fuming. I have a hard time respecting religion. It's just so fucking evil to me, I can't pander to other people's hurt feelings and sensitivity. Call me disrespectful. I can be like that somtimes.

So anyway. Damn, today was boring. All my days start off so promising-- I have a nice breakfast over a chat with my mom, watch some morning TV, have a good workout, take a shower with some yummy Caress Waterfall soap, eat lunch, and then...NOTHING. Exactly. On my non-school days, days are long, bleak and boring. I have no money lately, due to wedding expenses (I'm a bridesmaid in Samantha's wedding), so I can't even waste the day shopping.

I have some great books to read that I just got at Barnes & Nobles the other day, but book-reading is starting to make me tired lately. After going on line and watching some TV, the last thing I want to go is focus my eyes some more. I'm a dork.

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