Comfortable With Conformity

March 7, 2001

I'm convinced Excedrin, even in small doses, has powerful residual effects-- at least on me. I took one--just one-- regular strength Excedrin two days ago because of a massive migraine, and for the last two days I've been tired as HELL. No impending period, no impending flu, no stress, nothing to account for this tiredness. If I'm going to be this exhausted and cranky, I want there to be a reason, dammit. So I blame Excedrin. All that evil caffeine.

My sister outdid herself today. The phone rang, she looked at the Caller ID and saw it was her boyfriend, and she actually answered the phone with, "MWAH" (an annoying kissy smack noise).

I groaned loud enough for her to giggle and get embarrased, but that didn't stop the series of "mwah"s that ensued throughout the conversation. Weeks ago, the obnoxious mwahs were only at the conversation's end, now they're at the beginning, middle and end of each conversation. She has no shame whatsoever, and quite frankly, I'm going insane over this. Please, please, anyone out there e-mail me and tell me what to do (aside from get employed and avoid being home so much. Believe me, I'm TRYING.). I've sat her down and said, "Can you please STOP doing that, cause it's really irritating?" That doesn't work. She's...not like other people. She gets away with murder in this house, you have no idea. S, please get your apartment so we (I mean you) can move in and we (I mean you) can have our (your) own place to stay.

I would like my sister SO much more if we didn't live together. Shit. We have so much in common, wear the same size, think the same about so many things, come up with the same comments at the same time. I actually LIKE her, which is a lot more than other people can say about their sisters.

Whatever. I guess I should appreciate this time I have with her...under the same roof...with her clean and dirty clothes all over the closet floor because she refuses to put anything in the hamper or dresser drawers...

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