Comfortable With Conformity


April 6th

I'm resentful of a lot of things right now.

I'm resentful that Samantha made me buy a $205 bridesmaid's dress that I can NEVER EVER wear again because it looks like a fucking wench costume for a medieval resturant. I'm resentful that Nick, the groom, picked out the most expensive tuxedos for the groom's men to rent ($122). I know I shouldn't voice these complaints to the happy couple to be, but christ almighty. How about some consideration for your poor friends?

I remember, months ago, at another wedding, Samantha was musing aloud about the wedding plans. I was being my usual outspoken self, scoffing at all the lame wedding traditions that sucked people's time and bank accounts dry. Samantha, in her usual super-defensive way, said something like, "It's MY wedding and I don't care what the guests want." Nick gave her an odd look, as if to say, "When did you become so selfish?" Anyway, it's because of that one statement she made that I am not, absolutely NOT, making a comment about the insane amount of time and money going into this fucking wedding. I may be a bitch, but I'm not going to ruin her wedding day for $205.

I'm resentful for my Thursday night being lost to a 5 hour long fight with S over the phone about bullshit. And, because I was up so late, I woke up late and don't have to work out before going to work. I wouldn't say I'm in a bad mood, but I'm not exactly chipper today.

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