Comfortable With Conformity


April 7th kicks ASS! I purchased the Tae Bo 4 pack for $36 (shipping included). But let me back up.

Before attending Passover dinner tonight, I decided to go to Best Buy and buy Tae Bo. It was just one of those disciplined kind of days-- I woke up early, layed out for two hours by the pool (I know that sounds relaxing, but really, it's not. Sunbathing alone, at your condo pool, is dreadfully boring. I just fucking need a tan.), showered, left my hair wet, and went to get my hair trimmed. Giddy with my new bouncy hair, I went to Blockbuster in search of Tae Bo. $50. Too fucking much. I had to go home and give the car to my dad, and take the other, un-airconditioned car to Best Buy, which is deep within the grotesque Aventura road construction, but, fuck it. I WANTED TAE BO. It was 81 degrees today, the car was stifling, the traffic was horrendous, but I made it to Best Buy, $45 in my wallet, determined to buy it today.

Tae Bo wasn't there. It's always there, it's never not there, and for $45, it's not exactly flying off the shelves. But of course, they have every Tae Bo tape except the 4 pack that I wanted. They had Tae Bo Gold, Tae Bo Crunch, Tae Bo Fuck Me Up The Ass, but no 4 pack.

Disgusted, I stormed out and walked across the parking lot to Target. Target didn't have it. I decided to drive to Circuit City, which was in the next door shopping strip mall, but it wasn't as easy as it sounds. First of all, you can't make a U-turn just anywhere on Biscayne Boulevard. You have to drive up Biscayne a bit to make the turn. When I made the turn, I couldn't get to Circuit City because of construction, so I had to drive further up Biscayne the opposite way, make a U-turn, and finally got here. Of course, they didn't have it. By that time, my makeup was sweating off and my bouncy hair was damp and limp. The whole time, I kept telling myself: "Keep cool. Don't let this bother you so much." It didn't work. When I got home, I bitched at every family member in sight, made a bagel with butter, and dropped butter on the kitchen floor by accident.

So, anyway, yeah-- I saved at least $10 by comparison shopping on, so I'm very happy about that.

I'm NOT very happy about my sister whining, "Stop typing" every twenty minutes as I'm writing this entry. The sound of typing, particulary rapid typing, drives her insane. Yeah, she's a really pleasant roommate.

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