Comfortable With Conformity


April 11th

Yesterday was interesting. S picked me up and we went furniture shopping for his new apartment-- yes, he has an apartment now. It will be ready June 1st, and we're both really excited about it.

So, furniture shopping. First of all, I want to say that I hate the way S shops. Unless we're shopping in a used CD store, or musician store, S does not know how to shop. We walked into City Furniture, he took one look at a shapeless, forest green leather sofa, sank into it and sighed, "Oh...yeah. This is great."

"It's forest green," I objected. "What the hell is gonna go with forest green?" The way a sofa feels when you're sitting on it doesn't matter much to me, since I usually opt to sit on the carpet anyway. S continued to ooh and ahh and basically come all over the sofa before looking at everything else. I would pick out something very stylish and inexpensive, and he would critically sit down and make a putrid face, shake his head vigorously and say, "Unh-unh. The back is too high. This doesn't allow you to lay back--it forces you to sit up straight." Every piece of furniture I picked out, even a cushy chaise, he objected to for his anal reasons: "Notice how your lower back doesn't touch the back of the chair. That bothers me. You need more support." I'm all for comfortable, ergonomically-correct furniture, but S takes it to a new level.

Next, we went to his co-worker's house for dinner. His co-worker, Matt, had told him we should bring out bathing suits for their pool and hot tub. Even though I'm not quite as self conscious as I used to be in a suit, I chose my old two piece (NOT a bikini-- a halter top and a bike shorts-like bottom) that covers EVERYTHING. When we got there, I breathed a sigh of relief-- Matt's girlfriend was a good 10 sizes bigger than me, and another girl who came over was even bigger than her. Maybe that isn't very nice, but it's true. I'm almost always surrounded by people who are naturally thin with C cups.

We had a very yummy dinner, then went into the hot tub. S's NEW PLACE HAS A HOT TUB. I absolutely love hot tubs, except I've read they can cause varicose veins with too much use, so I can't indulge too much.

I just got in from a few hours at the condo pool, and my eyes are bleary from the sun, but I'm very, very relaxed. My life feels like an extended summer vacation.

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