Comfortable With Conformity

May 29th


S says my updates have been weird and sporadic. I apologize for the weird and sporadiness, and now the new layout, which I kind of fucked up, due to my limited html skills.

I'm listening to the Boys for Pele CD, since it's a lot angrier and emotional than Little Earthquakes, which I was listening to a lot a few days ago. A few days ago...

I couldn't take emotion. Any emotion, even happiness. A strong emotion would give me a chest pain, or heart palpitations, or shortness of breath. I still can't cry. God, when I'm more adjusted I will write all about THE MENTAL HOSPITAL. Ok, it was the pysch (sp?) ward of the hospital, not a bona fide nut house, but it was the by far the scariest fucking place I've ever been, not to mention the best fucking thing to ever happen to me.

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