Comfortable With Conformity

June 21st

Thursday Night, later

I've been craving sugar a lot. I will consume bowl after bowl of Reese's cereal or Count Chockula. I think chocolate is my comfort food. But comfort for what? Good question.

I spend many nights, home, alone, in my room. I don't even think about spending time at Nick's house anymore. There's only so much of Samantha I can take before I'm making up excuses to flee: "Does my hair look good? Do I look fat? Want to go to the mall?" Samantha is like the Daria character, the one that's friends with Quinn. Not the Asian girl, or the popular one, but Stacy, I think. Stacy is always asking if this or that is ok. Stacy has no self-confidence. Ugh. I wish I could give Samantha a hard slap sometimes, lord knows she could use it. Someone like that should not be married.

My life is at such a standstill. When I find myself delirious from boredom, I remember what I've been through, and feel gratitude. And I do feel gratitude, it just would be nice to have a good friend around.

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