Comfortable With Conformity

July 27th

Friday, later

I'm not as sad. I put on my freshly-burned Nelly Furtado CD and attempted to clean the room, since my sister is sleeping over her boyfriend's house. (I absolutely CANNOT clean while she's lounging on the bed, watching Baywatch. I have to keep dodging in front of the TV, plus she HATES any music I play. Only top 10 MTV hits for her.) I attacked our massive, cluttered closet. Once upon a time, I cleaned out our closet. Now you can't see the floor-- there are literally dirty clothes all over the closet floor. My sister has a habit of disrobing and tossing her clothes in the closet. Not in a basket or hamper, just haphazardly tossing garmets. But I won't go into my sister's habits right now. So, anyway, I dig through this literal mountain of clothes, finding my stuff somewhere in there, arranging laundries to do tommorow. Then I folded up and hung a bunch of clothes laying around in the "clean" basket. Then...and this is my favorite part. I actually laid out my workout clothes for tommorow morning so I can't use the excuse that there's nothing to wear.

It seems far too long since I've actually worn "going-out" clothes. I'm always in a T-shirt and shorts, and I let my wild mane go un-blowdried. Blow-drying my hair is a good indicator that I'm out and about. I longingly touched my pretty going-out clothes-- my long black lace skirt, my tight little black polo shirt, my fishnets. Anyway, my bitch of a sister is home and demanding to check her e-mail: NOW! Gotta go. Addendum: I feel like Tracie. Fucking diaryland ate what I said here. Anyway, I wanted to add that when I commented to my sister that she was acting bitchy, she said, "Well, some people work" in a pointed way, meaning that SHE worked and I didn't and therefore she was allowed to be bitchy. My sister works NINE HOURS A WEEK at The Macaroni Grill as a hostess. This is what she calls "work". This is why she can be bitchy and I can't. She has no bills whatsoever and takes college courses half-time. She is...beyond...the laziest person I know. And the attitude on her...I wish I could real audio her ass so you could hear her.

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