Comfortable With Conformity

July 28th

Saturday night

I don't mean to sound bratty, but it's obvious I'm not missed on Jimbo's (actually the UK) Forum. I peruse the board every once in while, never finding anything of interest. I don't know why I bother, honestly. I'm glad I disposed of SOMEONE'S journal bookmark, lest I torture myself with even more useless garbage to read. I'm so mean.

I tried running tonight. Oh my god. I sweat so hard I could hardly see. I had to stop and walk, like, 50 times. Then I got a shin splint on the way back. But still-- yay, me. My dream is to be one of those athletic types who wakes up at dawn for a run. Waking up at dawn in Miami does not guarantee a good run-- it's fucking hot no matter what time of day. It's going to be like this 'till, like, October, maybe November. Florida heat is thick and oppressive and gross. It makes you want to cut all your hair off. Which reminds me...a certain teenager mentioned chopping her hair off in the forum way back, and her boyfriend gushed, "Oh, please don't cut your hair off! It's so beautiful! Blah blah blah..." Ughh. You KNOW who I'm talking about, don't make me spell it out. Those two. You know who.

I guess I'm in a bitchy mood. Tommorow is my sister's belated birthday dinner at The Cheesecake Factory so at least I'll have plans Sunday night. Poor, bored me.

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