Comfortable With Conformity

August 20th

The wee hours of Monday morning

I'm feeling dirty and covered with cat hair. That must mean I was at Samatha and Nick's apartment.

I thought going there would make me feel better, but I left worse off than I arrived. I told them all about the webcam business, and they were really intrigued, but then Nick said something that made me feel bad. He mentioned me doing a "show" if they set up a cam at thier place, but that he "couldn't get aroused by [me] no matter what I did". I said, amusedly, "Aw, that's mean," but inside I was fuming. What the hell does that mean? Whatever. Though he flirts with me like crazy and tries to fondle me at every oppurtunity, he's said that before. Methinks he doth protest too much. Seriously.

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