The Century of the Self:

The Century of the Self is biased against capitalism, against individualism, and in favor of collectivism. Keeping this in mind, I found it interesting and worth watching. The overarching theme is that business and politicians have applied the theories of Sigmund Freud toward influencing the population.

Now, I think Freud was unscientific and misguided. Nevertheless, I can also see how techniques derived from his theories could still be effective. One can get the details correct even if one's model is wrong. Think epicycles versus ellipses.

I recommend watching the documentary for a dose of recent history while keeping the biases of the creators in mind.


  • HyperNormalisation by Adam Curtis:

    This is by the same person who made The Century of the Self, and similar warnings apply. I found this one interesting, too. The biggest surprise, assuming the filmmaker is being honest, is what we did to Gaddafi. I had known we had given him the shaft, but I had no idea just how big that shaft was.

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