The Century of the Self:

The Century of the Self is biased against capitalism, against individualism, and in favor of collectivism. Keeping this in mind, I found it interesting and worth watching. The overarching theme is that business and politicians have applied the theories of Sigmund Freud toward influencing the population.

Now, I think Freud was unscientific and misguided. Nevertheless, I can also see how techniques derived from his theories could still be effective. One can get the details correct even if one's model is wrong. Think epicycles versus ellipses.

I recommend watching the documentary for a dose of recent history while keeping the biases of the creators in mind.


  • HyperNormalisation by Adam Curtis:

    This is by the same person who made The Century of the Self, and similar warnings apply. I found this one interesting, too. The biggest surprise, assuming the filmmaker is being honest, is what we did to Gaddafi. I had known we had given him the shaft, but I had no idea just how big that shaft was.

  • Modern Times: The Way of All Flesh (1997) Full documentary by Adam Curtis

    Mostly about the disaster caused when the HeLa cell line contaminated just about every other line of human cell cultures.

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    Jeffrey Epstein: The Game of the Global Elite

    It's not well focused, but it collects together some interesting stuff.

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    Century of the Self is more about Freud's NYC cousin, Edward Bernays, who was part of the inventor of the politically-correct changing of word Propaganda into more corporate term, Public Relations, which spiraledinto a huge corporate conglomerate advertising/political spectrum, and also created the main THRUST of subliminally-aimed, sexualized, fear-based advertising to shape and mold the population. Otherwise known as "Social Engineering". I was fascinated with the documentary for a while after initially having viewed it. The excitement about the information has waned in light of how much Nazi ideology has come into more pronounced advertising and social engineering advertisement and political propaganda. Some of the earlier Freudian and Bernays methodology of mental coercion has been applied to the more dark and lurking aspects of a racist agenda in advertising and political engineering. All combined, of course.

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