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    If this was all leaked by her ex husband as revenge and all she did was leave the relationship, well fuck him.

    No argument with this. :-)

    Hell, part of what I find suspicious is the lack of dick pics in the photos the media has released. That seems like the biggest hint at who dumped the pictures... Because you can't tell me that there aren't any photos of the dude getting touched by two attractive women. If you're going to take photos for a spank-bank, you'd normally get some action shots, no?

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    @LonMabonJovi said:

    I just read some stuff about this company, and the description on how they got their logo is hilarious.

    The logo was initially cancelled for looking too Nazi, but then the guy that designed it found some pictures of the pope wearing a religious symbol that was similar and was able to talk the investors into allowing it.

    But yeah, thanks for the picture either way. Its been long enough since I've hung out with any skateboarders I've forgotten about the stickers and logos they used to have in their rooms and on their boards.

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    Didn't Jessie James use the Iron Cross for his brand? Lemme look...


    I suppose it's sufficiently differentiated from the German Iron Cross...

  • I saw a picture of her ex today, that Gomer is creepy as fuck ...

  • Two years after pleading guilty, Michael Flynn is now claiming he was set up by the anti-Trump deep state.

    Such a very normal timeline we're in.

  • Today I learned that Tulsi Gabbard's past with anti-gay messaging was a lot more creepy than I ever imagined...

    (The 'Worst Year Ever' podcast) There is a lot more info than that in there, but that was my biggest takeaway. I already knew she wasn't really 'anti-war' so much.

    If you haven't read or listened to anything that journalist Robert Evans has done, I recommend giving him a chance.

  • I'm kind of curious if Target would have pulled it, or if they would have just made it online-only or something.

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