Cynical Laughter

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Pinterest has suspended my account for violating their terms of service. They will not tell me which violation or violations have led to my banishment.

Of course, I have violated some of their terms of service in at least minor ways. It's impossible to use the application for it's intended purpose without doing so.

And this is coming from a business that survives by gross violation of copyright.

Your account is suspended for violating our community guidelines. We previously sent you an email explaining why and how to appeal. If you have questions, get in touch with us.

They sent no such email. I double checked the spam folder.


  • Pinterest is one of those apps I've resisted the urge to join. I've seen what its done to my wife and some other family members... they spend at least as much time in there as they do in bookface. I need to quit bookface one of these days.

    Anyway... I suspect "Why and how to appeal" probably equates to "a copy of the Terms of Service how ever many years ago you signed up" :-)

  • Demand your money back.

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