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  • Love the Onion.

    The motive thing with the Las Vegas shooter creeps me the fuck out. There are a LOT of conspiracy theories about the cause of that shooting (Most are 'anti NRA' conspiracy theories, since anti-gun advocates apparently want a bunch of people to die). That said, no one being able to even give an educated guess on the motive is... well.. it almost makes one gravitate towards the conspiracies.

    I really wish that the Las Vegas motive story had more legs. But the twitterer in chief always gets the front page.

  • Eek. That is creepy.

  • That is a varsity beatdown.

  • This is my favorite part of the article.

    Clayton Valley Charter High School — home of the Ugly Eagles

    The video was good too.

    I didn't think it was going to turn out that way considering how she started out with the wild punch-slaps. But that was an impressive bit of footwork, in the end. Only a cheerleader could keep their balance when overextending like that. :-)

  • Good God! I have enough to feel guilty about.

  • @Bill said:
    Good God! I have enough to feel guilty about.

    This isn't a new issue, and certainly not isolated to anti-depressants.

    This, from 2010:,28804,1976909_1976907_1976871,00.html

    With big pharma's ongoing goal of having everyone in America on a pill for something, it imagine this only getting worse.

  • I've heard before about estrogen getting into the water, but the antidepressant news is new to me.

  • edited October 11

    Antibiotics, caffeine, steroids, birth control, etc...

    I remember reading about micro-traces of Prozac being detected in certain water reservoirs (New York?) back in the 1990s. Some of those stories reinforced early rules in some areas requiring doctors and pharmacies being required to take unused meds for proper disposal, although that was determined to be a minor issue compared to non-metabolized material.

    Here is a story from 2004 specifically about Prozac:

    Even in the 2004 story they mention a deficiency in sewage treatment being an issue. I'm not sure how much that has improved.

  • I remember it being a thing years ago, in reference to flushing unused medications... The idea that active medication ingredients being excreted by people are also contributing to an environmental problem is a newer problem to me.

  • So, is weis all right?

  • What, Weis go out late on a Saturday when there is church in the morning?

    Anyway... Just a note about that article in particular: I can't trust anything Mike Cernovich is associated with or 'reporting'. He has flat out fabricated so much shit [Pizzagate & other Pedophile rings] that its difficult to even trust things he backs up with other people's tweets/video.

    For example, on this one he (or the person borrowing his data) fails to mention the weapons that the "Patriot Prayer" and Proud Boys groups were reported to have been carrying well before the brawl.

    Other reports show that the larger protest had split up into smaller groups, and that fights were breaking out amongst many of the groups. No telling who 'started' it. But lots of pummeling on both sides, with batons, fists, and even... bear spray? I know they mentioned pepper spray but the local newspaper mentioned 'bear spray'.

    Things are going to keep getting messy in any case. I believe the Proud Boys have two more events scheduled in the near future, and the counter-protesters in Oregon and Washington are just as willing to throw down as they are. I guess the snowflakes really have turned into a mob.

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