Something something videos to watch at some point maybe.

Driver stun-gunned after another drive drives over his car and he reacts...



  • Kept waiting for the fox to eat the cat. Was disappointed. Also the cupcakes were totally dry and tasted of carrion. 3 out of 5 stars.

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    Quick scrollthrough I was like "Why did someone link a video of a 1970's saab?"

    Then I watched the video rather than just the thumbnail. Holy shit, that guy is wrestling with that car. Its... kind of glorious. So much drifting, it reminds me of driving a panel van in the snow. When was this originally recorded? Late 1970s?

    edit: Yes, I realize its not a Saab.

    edit 2: Ok, the synth music at the end made me realize it wasn't 70s. Looks like it was late 80s. The custom car was built in 1987, and was in use through 1995 when they replaced it with a new car based on a newer Porsche chassis.

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    RUF is a famous Porsche tuner (sort of like the early days of AMG and Mercedes). The RUF CTR "Yellowbird" was a mythical car, when I was in high school. This car had a 211 mph top speed, at a time when the best from the Ferrari, Porsche, etc. factories was 185 mph.

    There's some gratuitous drifting in there, but the tire squeeking and sliddy-sliddy is a real indication of how far tire and suspension technology has come in 30 years. Take the lap record set in the new Camero ZL1 1LE for example:

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  • @Rufus said:

    Oh that is awesome

  • The gong was a nice touch. :)

  • OMFG the sound... it's obscene...

    I want a car that sounds like that...

  • Ugh that exhaust.

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    Launch control and anti-lag is all the rage with the kids these days. </old man>

  • I do not know what anti-lag is.

    Damn kids talking about their flying cars. What the hell was wrong with wheels? Nothing, that's what! We only moved to flying cars because the damn millennials didn't know how to change a tire.

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    @Clme said:
    I do not know what anti-lag is.

    Anti-lag is an engine management technique for getting energy into the exhaust ahead of the turbo, in order to keep the turbo spinning and developing boost when the engine is not under load. In the video, the system is dumping extra fuel into the motor and air into the exhaust, so it will explode in the exhaust ahead of the turbo. This gets the turbo spinning and building boost, so when the guy launches the car, on the drag strip, he can launch the car with full boost.

    You, maybe didn't really want to know all that... but it's technical detail about a car... that I knew... I can't help myself... I'm a bad person. :-(

  • I worked on cars for years... and what I learned is that I never want a used turbo. ;-)

    But thank you. I cared enough to ask what it was in hopes it would be answered... just not enough to try and look it up on the googles.

  • They tried soooo hard...

    It's still lame, though... :-/

  • Gosh, people doing repetitive jobs begin pencil-whipping? I'd never have guessed!

    (Also, have those traffic cameras ever not been a nuisance in anyplace they've been installed?) :-)

  • Love Tom Lehrer.

    He was once quoted as saying (paraphrasing) "Lacking exposure in media, my songs spread slowly. Like herpes, rather than like ebola".

    Another favorite:

  • A fine desecration:

  • Civil War Naval Songs: This actually has me curious about other civil-war period music. I haven't thought much about American music between the revolutionary period and the post-civil-war music hall years.

    Bawitdaba: I think that may be better than the original. I may not have thought that back in like 1998, but I no longer care much for Mr. Rock.

  • PMJ stuff is generally great, except in the cases where I've never heard the song they're modernizing, as is the case here. (I did briefly think they were misquoting Rapper's Delight?)

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    I bet they would do a respectable cover of that too. I watched about a dozen of their videos last night and was impressed on all but one of them.

  • Sad clown(s) singing cover songs. I can't remember if I first saw this guy linked here or on the bookfaces, but for some reason there is something appealing about it.

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