The Stupidest Things on the Internet



  • It's creepy to hear supposedly serious people talk about efforts to terraform Mars or the moon or what have you.

    Have they somehow not noticed that we're well into the process of un-terraforming Earth?

  • The ones that have consider mars to be an escape vessel. Its... really depressing that they have enough money to get to mars but apparently not enough money (or will) to clean things up here.

    Plus it seems like its a pipe dream even with the advancements made... I've yet to see any plans that deal with the lack of ozone or extreme temperatures, or even any good plans for massive dome or underground structures. :(

    I love the idea of getting into space. I've been obsessed with it since I was a kid. But when I was a kid it still kind of felt like we may be able to fix things on this planet too.

    Ronald Reagan and Captain Planet both lied to me.

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    Mars may be an attractive option, but it does not have a magnetosphere; thus making it impossible to create and maintain a breathable atmosphere. Not to mention the gravity is insufficient. Domes or subterraneous living spaces are the only options there.

  • Prediction: by the end of next week Missouri will have been forcibly merged into Kansas, with the administration claiming the former was never technically a state.

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