Something something videos to watch at some point maybe.

Driver stun-gunned after another drive drives over his car and he reacts...



  • Kept waiting for the fox to eat the cat. Was disappointed. Also the cupcakes were totally dry and tasted of carrion. 3 out of 5 stars.

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    Quick scrollthrough I was like "Why did someone link a video of a 1970's saab?"

    Then I watched the video rather than just the thumbnail. Holy shit, that guy is wrestling with that car. Its... kind of glorious. So much drifting, it reminds me of driving a panel van in the snow. When was this originally recorded? Late 1970s?

    edit: Yes, I realize its not a Saab.

    edit 2: Ok, the synth music at the end made me realize it wasn't 70s. Looks like it was late 80s. The custom car was built in 1987, and was in use through 1995 when they replaced it with a new car based on a newer Porsche chassis.

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    RUF is a famous Porsche tuner (sort of like the early days of AMG and Mercedes). The RUF CTR "Yellowbird" was a mythical car, when I was in high school. This car had a 211 mph top speed, at a time when the best from the Ferrari, Porsche, etc. factories was 185 mph.

    There's some gratuitous drifting in there, but the tire squeeking and sliddy-sliddy is a real indication of how far tire and suspension technology has come in 30 years. Take the lap record set in the new Camero ZL1 1LE for example:

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  • @Rufus said:

    Oh that is awesome

  • The gong was a nice touch. :)

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