Utterly Cruel PoopChute Channel

Does anyone have that image of the batsignal with the blender being projected into the sky?
God Bless


  • Your old havatar?

    I think there were a few versions of that. Someone should have one.

  • hi clme good to see you.

  • edited May 2018

    Hi! Its good to see pens checking in now and then. :)

    For havatars I may be thinking of Supermealbot. Hmm. Damn.

  • I keep everything... I lost a bunch of stuff in a ransom-ware attack last year, but (surprisingly) I still have a few things.

  • I knew I could count on you Rufus!

  • Supermealbot was the true owner of that havatar but I will appropriate it

  • My problem is that most of my 'archives' are still on spinning rust that is not currently attached to any system. Plus, after say 2013 or so I stopped keeping everything.

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