Lam’s holiday pics



Krizzo (left) and Joe (right) coming to pick me up from the airport


Krizzo and Joe after a kinky night in a sleazy motel


Krizzo showing off his ride


Chasing Doomy’s Camry




Doomy & lam


Doomy & Krizzo


Doomy, Krizzo & lam


Krizzo’s Mansion of Mystery


Krizzo’s idyllic street I


Krizzo’s idyllic street II




clme, refusing to share his dorito’s with Bex


eod, secure in the knowledge of how cool his ride is, showing off to clme




(from left to right) Tons’o’fun, clme, bex and bitchgoddess enjoying vodka jell-o at cyd’s party


eod. He has a tight ass. I checked


jumper (right) explaining the hardships of being gay in a fraternity to eod and Lon


Tons’o’fun and Lon having a laugh


Weis (left), Bex and eod


Krizzo and Joe. Drunk


Joe. Plastered


Krizzo. Under the influence of alcohol


Niagra Falls I


Niagra Falls II


Dutch guy cooling off in a fountain



(also, for a laugh, check out with which program I used to make this page :)