The Dead People Who Are Now Dead, Thread

RIP: Aretha Franklin


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    [Obligatory joke about showing some damn 'R E S P E C T']

    [Obligatory 'Christopher Reeve is still dead' reference]

    [Obligatory apology for the previous items]

  • This has been a busy week for celebrity funeral directors.

  • Probably the wrong time for this then...

  • George H.W. Bush, RIP
    Whatever his failings, the man had personal courage.

  • I had a lot of problems with the elder Bush. A lot. Plus he is at least partially responsible for bringing Dubya upon us.

    Yet I still feel a little sad at his passing.

    To tell the truth, I kind of wonder if my sadness is entirely because of comparisons to our current president.

  • Hrrrmmmm, meh.

    The most notably legacy of his presidency, to me, was probably the War on Drugs stuff; arguably one of the most harmful things to happen to the country in the modern era (pre-Trump). So, meh. I'm sure he was a fine tennis player and whatnot.

    There was an interesting twitter thread today about the poor schmuck the DEA convinced to sell them some drugs across the street from the White House, so that Bush could hold it up in a press conference to show how bad the drug crisis was. Of course they had to lure the kid across town because it wasn't actually possible to buy drugs anywhere near the white house. (The kid they found didn't even know where in town the white house was, the DEA had to tell him where to go.)

    Long story short Bush got his talking point and random kid with no criminal record got a mandatory minimum 10 years without parole. The judge in the case thought it was so excessive he suggested that Bush, being decent and compassionate, might commute it (he didn't).

  • A lovely (and funny) lady...

    RIP Carol Channing

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