• Oh wow.

    I mean... if it were a little different I'd say it was done "In the style of" Radiohead, or even as an homage. But that is pretty spot on.

    I didn't realize that parts of 'Creep' were similar to "The Air that I Breathe" (The Hollies) either. I guess I never paid much attention to anything beyond the chorus in that song. Plus... well... the style is different there even if the chord progression is the same.

  • If that was a clever ploy to get people like me to find out what Lana Del Ray sounds like, then it worked. If not, then I wonder what they were going for. Clever ploy to get sued?

  • These two men look the same and it is fucking up how I view my news feed. Captain Kangaroo has been dead for 14 years damnit!

  • Hrmm growing out my sideburns and combing over my ears.. I like it.

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