ITT: Rufus Gets A New Car

The Subaru WRX has seen it's day... I've passed it on to a guy who's going to turn it into a race car, with his son (father/son project). After 10 years with the WRX, it was time for a new car.

2003 Mercedes-Benz E500. 5.0 L V8 (302 HP), 146,000 km (91,250 miles). $6,158.50 CAD ($4,807.10 USD at today's exchange rate). It's practically mint condition (I found one stone chip on the hood). I'm fairly certain that it belonged to a couple of grey-hairs, who parked it in the garage and flew to Florida for the winters.

It's faster than the Subaru... It pulls like a freight train, on the highway. The specs I found on-line claim it will do 0-60 in 5.8 and 13.9 in the quarter. Wooo!


  • I'll never get over how little room there is inside some modern engine compartments.

    Nice car!

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    @Clme said:
    I'll never get over how little room there is inside some modern engine compartments.

    Nice car!


    The shock towers are big and intrusive... and Mercedes packages everything really tight. The big plastic engine cover exaggerates the size of the engine, too.

    What cooks my bacon is that this engine and transmission have no dip-sticks. You check the engine oil on the dash (in the menus) and the transmission is "sealed for life". Smart people still change the transmission oil, in spite of Mercedes intentions. There's a dip stick in the power steering, but the instrument cluster will tell you if it's low, also.

    I didn't set out to buy something this complicated and daunting to work on... I was originally planning to buy something cheap, easy to work on and 4-wheel drive (for the winter). An '05 or newer Grand Cherokee with a Hemi was at the top of the list, but I couldn't find one that wasn't rusty. I started looking at 4matic Mercedes and found this one. It's not a 4matic, but it was SO PRETTY... It's in way better condition than the E500 4matic I looked at the same day, so I bought it.

    This is (supposed to be) the daily driver, bad weather car. The plan is to buy something "special" this summer for sunny days. A BMW E92 M3, or a 996 generation Porsche 911 are at the top of the list, but I'm conflicted.

  • Love the car. Big powerful sedan.

    It'll be cheaper to run the M3 than the Porsche.

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