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  • Beamer! Welcome back to the darkness.
  • @LonMabonJovi said: https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1252204786059018240 It took the DNC almost two years to decide who the best person was to defeat DJT in 2020, and this is what they came up with. This is some K-Rat l…
    in Steaming Ass Comment by eod April 21
  • At this point then I guess whoever is left can keep doing this and everyone who cares to socially distance themselves already have marked them on a short list of "No thanks".
  • I mean sure why not? I've already painted two rooms, rebuilt this one retaining wall outside that has seen better days.
  • I'm still pulling 12-14 hour days at the computer working and putting out fires. I'm guessing though something will hit a bit of a slow down as every process is sort of rejiggered. So question is what do I want to learn/do/accomplish if this las…
  • https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1232652371832004608
  • I wasn't aware of this. They seem to have a personal philosophy around people deleting their own post. Looks like I can manually edit the config file to allow it. I gotta go tuck in kiddos but here are the notes to myself: $Configuration['V…
  • CockUs.. Fruit CockUs
    in Iowa Comment by eod February 9
  • @Bill said: Teens accused of putting porn on I-75 billboard have been charged Legends.
    in Headlines Comment by eod February 6
  • I've only grown once, legally in Portland. I enjoyed the process and the result was nice and mellow. I just don't have the time, effort and process for it. It is silly to walk into a shop and see all the ranges of pricing and strains. They all w…
    in 8=======D Comment by eod January 31
  • I feel like a lot of stuff is pretty dialed in and clean these days. Though the pen extract/dab pens, while I get them sometimes, sometimes they creep too much on me or have this weird harsh. Something is off. I'm on my second Air Solo for gree…
    in 8=======D Comment by eod January 30
  • @LonMabonJovi said: https://www.puffco.com/products/the-peak Sold out
    in 8=======D Comment by eod January 29
  • Except some of that sweet sweet vendor lock in.
  • What a ride and great maneuvering. Where is the data stored? Do you host it?
  • Sara handles all the social media stuff for the family. I feel guilty that she has this job for outreach to our friends. I don't have to say much. I get tagged in things and it makes me look fancy like the Insta/Facebook filter. I definitely ap…
  • Some of my favorite facebook updates are from pen folk. Overall I'm not a huge fan of current social media. I consume a small amount to stay current on our social circle. I lurk and when I do post it feels stilted and weird. I've long ago noped …
  • Your brand is your brand. I should wrangle whatever my twitter login is.
  • @LonMabonJovi said: https://twitter.com/yashar/status/1194357591297712133 Yeah I can't figure out like was this staged or something?
  • @fenomas said: @eod said: Also pretty darn hard to find a Richard Stallman fanfiction. sigh - Cracks open Notepad. Use vi, it's what he would have wanted. Nice
  • Also pretty darn hard to find a Richard Stallman fanfiction. sigh - Cracks open Notepad.
  • How about Vsco.
  • @Clme said: I see they went with the 90's fast food restaurant method of sizing... there is no small or medium. :-) Huh. You know, "appearance of length" is an interesting phrase. ....and a few of the after photos do not look hea…
  • @Clme said: Hah. I remember some people seemed upset we stopped at Wendy's on the way to Cyd's party. :-) I love Lam's descriptions of the photos: http://penismightier.com/eod/holiday/oldindex.html All I remember about Wendy’s…
  • Oh and Cyd. I believe the above picture is on Cyd's back porch.
  • I believe it went like this. Lamfear came to visit, he first visited Krizzo then to Portland. Clme/Bex came. Tons and Flaming Phoenix came. I fairly certain BG was there. Lon of course. Jumper. And Weis, Sara and Myself. Poke this director…
  • @LonMabonJovi said: Jumper was way funnier than I ever gave him credit for. Demon-of-Doormat! haha what a dick
  • If I could be so choosey to select the type of ass I'd like to smack. I'd prefer something with some juiciness.
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  • Yeah just add "-2" http://penismightier.com/forum/ubb/Forum1/HTML/000455-2.html
  • Let it ride on the Mariners. Holdem