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  • I don't think the surrender to Russia is even about a pee-tape anymore. I think that Putin has something worse on Trump. I think Putin has proof that Trump isn't as rich as he claims to be.
    in Reality TV Comment by Clme 2:51AM
  • @Bill said: Fox News being number one doesn't reflect the party affiliation of the press; it reflects the affiliation of the viewers. On the first page of the results from Googling "party affiliation of the press." 7 percent of repo…
    in The Supreme Court Comment by Clme 2:49AM
  • Just more evidence that marriage is rarely protection against deportation.
    in Headlines Comment by Clme July 16
  • For the record, I can't stand Daily KOS or OccupyDemocrats any more than I can stand the Blaze or Newsmax. But I still check in on NewsMax because they are a source that seems to hold a lot of value in the White House (and family reunions).
  • Fox News is the number one cable and internet news service in our country. They are also the only member of the top four our President will still talk to, and the only ones that Sarah Sanders will address without insulting. Oh, and here is my to…
  • You work with what you know, right? So lets say you're the leader of a large country and you've allegedly been an agent of a foreign power since 1987. What better way to throw off suspicion than to make strangely specific accusations of people w…
  • ItS aLl FakE you SEE? Its aLL fakE! Just Dem0Crat ColLusiOn wItH the DEEP STATE! DEEP STATE COLLUSION I'm nOt a PupPet YouRe the pUpPPETTT
  • Shit. They'll scream bloody murder if the dems try to hold out for next Thursday. Despite the fact that they can't really vote on this until August. sigh The right wing feeds/sites I follow have already written off every single concern about…
  • I would love it if it turned out that some lions had somehow started a symbiotic relationship with some rhinos.
    in Headlines Comment by Clme July 10
  • Huh. Actually now I'm wondering if I first discovered the ukeulele thing because of people linking videos here. Maybe I only remember the bad videos because they outnumber the good videos so damn much
  • Sad clown(s) singing cover songs. I can't remember if I first saw this guy linked here or on the bookfaces, but for some reason there is something appealing about it.
  • I bet they would do a respectable cover of that too. I watched about a dozen of their videos last night and was impressed on all but one of them.
  • I just lost over an hour digging through that guys website. But that engineering story is badass. Holy crap. Edit: Plus I learned about 'Sugru' from the payphone hack he did.
    in jwz Comment by Clme July 1
  • This should make someone mad: Pa was a Democrat. Ma was a Republican. Laura was a person that voted for Jill Stein.
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme June 30
  • Keeping in mind it was set in the 1860s to 1880s... well, then it doesn't seem so bad. Pa was always depicted as understanding and tolerant compared to damn near everyone else. (Although he did move his family to take early advantage of possibl…
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme June 30
  • Civil War Naval Songs: This actually has me curious about other civil-war period music. I haven't thought much about American music between the revolutionary period and the post-civil-war music hall years. Bawitdaba: I think that may be bette…
  • I think cute girls playing bad ukulele has been a thing since the early days of YouTube. But people playing good ukulele... that is definitely more recent. :-)
  • I still love that a few of those guys continued to hang out here for a couple months after their 'invasion'. We just didn't react enough to be fun. It wasn't that we were too boring, it was that we were too jaded. :-) I'm almost sad their or…
    in BRAWL HALL Comment by Clme June 30
  • Interesting story from USA Today about how asylum seekers go through their process. At least up until May of this year. Most interesting bit to…
  • I apologize if anyone's favorite tags got deleted. I did a mass purging of the ones that looked spammy tonight.
  • There's no ambiguity on this point. I met with the head of the facility. He said several times that they had no space for children, no way to care for them, and no plans to bring any children to his locked-down complex. When I pressed on what was th…
  • The warehouse is enormous, with a solid concrete floor and a high roof. It is filled with cages. Cages for men. Cages for women. Cages for mamas with babies. Cages for girls. Cages for boys. The stench – body odor and fear – hits the second t…
  • Every time I type 'uncritical' I always want to fill the word with diacritical marks.
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme June 27
  • Although I do have to ask who the hell was reading "Little House on the Prairie" 'uncritically' in schools? I mean, no one ever explained that the rantings were period portrayals, or explained how Pa was somehow the least racist and most literate p…
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme June 27
  • Huh. But then again, I still remember a part in "Little House on the Prairie" about how Laura wanted her dad to go and grab her a papoose right off the back of an Indian woman because it was the cutest thing she had ever seen. This was on top of…
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme June 25
  • I hope you're right Rufus. But I'm seeing so much of the "I don't like this, but it was still better than voting for Hillary" and "I don't like very much of what Trump is doing but I love that its pissing off the liberals" that anecdotally its har…
    in Predictions Comment by Clme June 25
  • Ooh... nice Lon. Nice. To be honest, I really, really really hope its Elizabeth Warren. If I remember right the most they've been able to dig up on her so far is her belief that she has some American Indian heritage in her bloodline. At the…
    in Predictions Comment by Clme June 24
  • @Bill said: The author of that article fooled you, Clme. The officer wasn't a green officer; he was an experienced officer on the job since 2011. The reason why he was just sworn in was because he was changing his place of employment. Notice how …
  • Invading countries are different than refugees. Coups are different than asylum-seekers. Dissidents are different than immigrants. I believe we have a problem with two out of six of those things I mentioned. Can you guess which two?
    in 8=======D Comment by Clme June 24
  • This is a follow-up article, and if we look through the archives we'll find other bits that contained the bits we see later in the article. The officer being green was the newest information. S…