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  • If it really does speak for itself than the facebook commenters may actually have a point. :-) I did like her little quip about the response she got though: "Is the Dummy going to kill me?" "It depends on who's hand is inside it"
    in Good Articles Comment by Clme March 4
  • I'm afraid to actually look it up... but do people actually eat the pangolin meat? I know the scales are used in traditional medicine. Or boner pills. Whichever. But I'm curious how frequent eating the dang things actually is. The fact the…
  • I'm curious if apps like RobinHood will survive in the long term after this.
  • You know, I'd be willing to bet that Sailer would stop seeing people obsessed with racism in everything if he stopped... oh, I don't know, saying things that attract racists?
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme February 11
  • You know that there was also a pandemic happening at the same time right? People stuck at home? People not able to work? Let me guess: the people citing murder stats managed to also leave out the stats in violent crime, because that went down.…
  • ....The state stats he leaves out reveal the story he is trying to tell with this. ...There is no mention of distribution issues at the federal level. For over half of the states that is the primary problem they've had. Yes, for the other half,…
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme February 7
  • If she lost that court case then a crowdfund would spring up where her supporters would donate like a million bucks just to help 'own the libs' and 'fight cancel culture'. Just like the 200k she got in donations just for losing her committee pos…
    in Headlines Comment by Clme February 6
  • Honestly I can no longer tell what is spam and what is parody.
  • Maybe he left a copy of the health care plan in the Oval Office?
    in Headlines Comment by Clme January 20
  • Gosh, if it was everything he promised it was four years ago I can only imagine what they've added to it in that time.
    in Headlines Comment by Clme January 19
  • He told them on twitter to come and take their country back. For quite some time. He was outright calling for revolution on twitter. His surrogates (like Rudy Giuliani) have been advocating for a show of force. Giuliani literally said trial by…
    in Headlines Comment by Clme January 18
  • in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme January 18
  • I got a new bed, a wireless controller for my Switch (Beboncool? Either way I love it), a sandwich/panini/waffle maker, and a calendar. The bed wasn't originally going to be a thing, but back in October I declared our old bed unfit due to there …
  • in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme January 1
  • @Rufus said: I agree with Bill's definition... The Vegas shooter was a mass-murderer... not a terrorist. Though, I agree... if he was brown and/or Muslim he would have been labeled as a terrorist, regardless of his motives. Applying th…
    in Nashville Comment by Clme January 1
  • Has Mull done anything major since Roseanne? His standup and songs used to be a basic cable standard.
    in Tunes Comment by Clme December 2020
  • I hope that headline wasn't meant to be a pun. Wait. No. I lied. I hope it was.
    in Headlines Comment by Clme December 2020
  • But that doesn't hold a candle to what I saw today. The latest wacko theories are that ballots and proof of ballot tampering was being stored in the AT&T building. The Dems were shipping them there to be destroyed... And so, uh... This guy…
    in Nashville Comment by Clme December 2020
  • Samples of what theories I saw the yesterday.
    in Nashville Comment by Clme December 2020
  • That seems to a narrower definition of what we have typically considered a domestic terrorist. For example, we never learned the motive of the vegas shooter. And suicides of an awful lot of non-white people have been declared terrorism due to prop…
    in Nashville Comment by Clme December 2020
  • I have now been hearing that the FBI has been asking dozens of people about if the perpetrator had ever mentioned 5G to them. But... well all the people that the newspapers have found have said "no" so far. Though a neighbor apparently was bothere…
    in Nashville Comment by Clme December 2020
  • The conspiracy theorist part of my brain thinks that its an attempt to test response to an attack on infrastructure based on relatively small regional communications hub, and could be a sample of things to come. But the "has read parlor lately" p…
    in Nashville Comment by Clme December 2020
  • Wait... You are concerned about leveling the playing field for sports, but not for other aspects of education? So, since the government is already involved in sports to make sure minorities and girls have access to sports, they should keep gett…
  • Gee, I wonder why Cochran would be bringing up the intelligence of people with doctorates at this point in time?
  • Also I apologize for saying 'Has anyone heard from Tulsi?' because goddamn she made sure we heard from her. sigh
  • Not at all. Why does the federal government need to dictate what each sport or sanctioned classification has rules for in this particular case? Has this really been a major issue that couldn't be dealt with at a local level or at least determined …
  • God I hope that there is only one TV celebrity.
  • Has anyone heard of/from Tulsi since July or so? I'm kind of curious what she'll be doing after January. (Also, thank goodness she wasn't nominated for VP).
  • I kinda want one. I mean, I don't know what I would use it for. But it just looks neat
  • Oh wow. Blast from the past. I know this was pre-smart phone, but I just have to say I'm glad that almost no one carried a camera around in their pockets all the time when I was in school.