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  • I'm so glad they are focusing on this! I mean, they are totally not just distracting from concussion debates, NFL corporate tax breaks, yielding to a presidential abuse of power, or avoiding dealing with the actual reasons why viewership is down. …
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  • Well, not an article per se... but it mentions California STDs and also tells me that I'm going to die young due to my sleeping habits. (statistically).
    in Good Articles Comment by Clme May 23
  • I want that stained glass hung from every confederate monument in any city that Richard Spencer goes to visit.
  • I do have to say... its not every day you see one of these guys defending a Beta. ;-) But anyway... is that a 13th amendment tattoo? Or is he identifying as a biker? Gang member? The patches on the coat I don't recognize. The previo…
  • I'm not sure what part to be upset by, and what part to laugh at. Goddamn I miss when my brain was a lot simpler and I could just point at something and go "Ha-Ha!". Although.... Anonymous bases everything off of facts? Wow. I mean... sure:…
  • My problem is that most of my 'archives' are still on spinning rust that is not currently attached to any system. Plus, after say 2013 or so I stopped keeping everything.
  • Hi! Its good to see pens checking in now and then. For havatars I may be thinking of Supermealbot. Hmm. Damn.
  • Suffice it to say the old forum broke irreparably at some point last year, and the main site at some point months/years before that. This is the replacement for... well... everything.
  • Your old havatar? I think there were a few versions of that. Someone should have one.
  • I swear I've seen that clog dancing video before. Was it here, or a previous incarnation of here? Good shit either way. When was this recorded? 1950s? 1960s? I have yet to check out the primitive technology channel. I've added it to my lis…
  • I always forget about Jeff Dunham. I'll say he's funnier than Dennis Miller at least. But that is about as far as I can take him. :-)
  • I don't actually think Jeff Foxworthy does much political comedy though. Larry the Cable Guy (Daniel Whitney) publicly supported Trump but I don't know if he made any... well... attempts at jokes during the appearances. (If he did, I just missed …
  • For the last year or so I've been wondering wonder how much overlap there is between the incel groups and the gamergate groups. However, I just can't bring myself to spend very much time investigating either group. If I move any further towards …
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  • Are there any right-wing comedians other than Dennis Miller?
  • Oh wow. I missed that episode of the Daily Show. The roast though... I listened to the roast while on a walk at lunch yesterday. It was funny. You know, a lot of things can be forgiven if the joke is funny. There wasn't that much here tha…
  • So... the inmate being transgender matters to this lawsuit and story so much that it is not only mentioned in the headline, but also several times in the opening paragraphs, and then they still refer to the inmate by their biological gender in the s…
    in Headlines Comment by Clme April 28
  • I pronounce Uranus as urine-us. ...and now that I type it out I see that isn't much better. Heh.
    in Headlines Comment by Clme April 24
  • Awww. That brings back the feels.
  • I keep confusing "The Rock" with Vin Diesel.
  • Trump’s problem isn’t that he has bad lawyers. It’s that he’s a bad client.…
    in Headlines Comment by Clme April 19
  • Yeah, there are like 10+ people on their Blog/Facebook, but is still over 3/4 Ken White. :-) Ken White was recently on Fox News too, specifically with relation to Trump/Russia. It was... strange to see someone taking Trump/Russia seriously on t…
    in Headlines Comment by Clme April 14
  • Old Porsche you say? Seriously though. Reading that was a pleasant distraction from the new war we're apparently in. =============================================================================== Oh yeah... dip sticks. I've just started…
  • Gosh, people doing repetitive jobs begin pencil-whipping? I'd never have guessed! (Also, have those traffic cameras ever not been a nuisance in anyplace they've been installed?) :-)
  • Needs a racing stripe and a NOS sticker. :-) Also: Holy shit, nice.
  • Ah, yes. The good old days of init strings and waiting 3 minutes for an image to load on GOTD. .... Wait a minute. Why do I remember those days fondly again?
  • Kanye reference not witstanding, I do like that a lot better than mine. :-) Also: The people that run Popehat kick ass. I only started following their various postings regularly back in October. Prior to that I only saw the stuff that others …
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  • Listening to that man speak is like reading everything my grandfather shares on Facebook, but at random. (I haven't missed him being on the talk show circuits).
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  • Wow. Now we just need police officers to pull people over and yell at them about believing World Net Daily, The Blaze, and Alex Jones. ...or at least whatever it is that made them elect that dumpster-fire Governor. Hmm . Burning rubber. Dum…
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  • I really should too. But until my wife has a job again I'm not rocking any boats.