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  • Holy shit, that is still around? (checks).... 'telnet' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file. Well shit. I thought I had enabled telnet. Oh well, I should get putty anyway.
  • They use a stock image of a Chevy Citation when they are describing a Volkswagen Passat. :-( I mean, I know its a fluff piece, but for some reason that bothers me.
    in Headlines Comment by Clme November 18
  • I read an interesting article recently that painted Daniel and Miyagi as the villians in the original Karate Kid movie. The article itself wasn't very convincing, but if Savage had played Miyagi it would change my mind. But yeah, he is totally loo…
  • "We're told top brass doesn't plan to comment on this until next week." ...when they finish beating their heads against their goddamn desks. :-)
    in Headlines Comment by Clme November 14
  • Well, not like they're good for much else anymore... unless the internet is out.
    in Headlines Comment by Clme November 11
  • The thing is, impeachment exists so that there shouldn't have to be a 'law against it'. ....which is why we're all fucking worried about this. Because anyone that is seeking reelection is scared of the 33% of republicans that actually support Trum…
    in Good Articles Comment by Clme November 4
  • ???
    in Good Articles Comment by Clme November 4
  • Fox radio... They have a LOT of shows. This may be blurring topics (again), but do a thought exercise... How many liberal radio shows can you think of? (Actually liberal, not some cop-out like a show on NPR). Thom Hartman? Any others? Alan C…
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme November 2
  • Ah. I misunderstood that bit then. I stand corrected.
    in Good Articles Comment by Clme November 2
  • You say 'eliminate' medicaid, but what he has managed to accomplish is so much more subtle than that. To be fair, he wanted to eliminate medicaid. The subtlety was thanks to his staff finding a way to push something, anything, through. The end r…
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme November 2
  • Hmm. So then I just have to worry about it being addictive enough that I forget what time it is and miss work, or hating the people I'm playing with so much that I become homicidal. :-) (I really do miss playing games, at this point I'm just bein…
  • The 'liking things way too much' has kept me primarily on single player games for awhile. I did actually try something that Biggles had recommended about 4 years ago, and liked it, but wasn't serious enough of a player for even the random raiding c…
  • The point of ads is to make the people that watch them rich? What? Yachts for customers? Wha... Has Sailor turned into a troll-bot? (Or forgotten about the bots and targeted ads?) Even if put on my right-wing-website hat I'm having trouble se…
    in Good Articles Comment by Clme November 2
  • Ooh... I love games like that (minus the pay to win). ....but I can't start anything that doesn't end in a reasonable time. My willpower is too damn weak and I end up playing at work or staying up too late to get the boy to school on time in the …
  • Cool! Now she just has to clean her keyboard. ;-) But seriously. There are only a few things about 2017 I love, and the fact that Chaturbate and Twitch can coexist with the same 'performers' is one of them.
  • I have to disagree. Again... Fox News. Also, the internet news sources that many members of the extreme right have been migrating to since Fox fired O'Reilly for 'all those lying liberal bitches that Soros hired' are all still running Hillary stor…
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme October 29
  • Kept waiting for the fox to eat the cat. Was disappointed. Also the cupcakes were totally dry and tasted of carrion. 3 out of 5 stars.
  • Saw a picture of her keyboard and lost interest. She seems to take pride in how gross it is. I'm curious though, if she did twitch and added chaturbate, or the reverse.
  • White nationalists are a lot better organized than BLM.
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme October 27
  • Oh yeah baby. Now reboot the computer so you can change the screen resolution. That's right, change my settings NT4 style. Mmmmmm. Oooh... it is now safe to turn off the computer? You're a dirty girl! Talk init strings to me baby!
  • tweeeeeeeeeeks
  • I keep one working, but mostly for utility/game purposes. If I had to choose between the laptop and the desktop... well, the laptop would win. But since I get the choice of having both, I have both. That said, a desktop will still usually come in…
  • I have more to say about the technology than about the naked ladies... I'm not sure what that says about me. Don't get me wrong, I definitely appreciated the naked ladies. But when one of them is posing next to an antique 'caller ID' box I'm just…
  • Last: St. Louis in early September - Visited a friend for their 40th birthday (and my wife's 41st), spent the weekend there. Next: Nothing written in stone, but possibly somewhere in the Michigan U.P. to visit another friend. Otherwise, Chicago…
    in Travel Comment by Clme October 21
  • The attempts to discredit Mueller have been ramping up. Its not surprising that this opinion piece would focus on details about the staff that Trump supporters will just assume are bad. Personally I believe some of his staffing choices have been…
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme October 21
  • Not bad, but I'm not sure if it really needed to be two different songs. Were these recorded for a record single or something?
    in Steaming Ass Comment by Clme October 18
  • @Bill said: This Is How Online Dating Has Changed The Very Fabric of Society Its interesting to see how for the straight couples bars/restaurants has shot up and online dating hit a plateau though. I don't find it surprising at all that th…
    in Good Articles Comment by Clme October 18
  • Should Mobile use 'markdown' as well? I ask because I keep forgetting to look up 'TextEx'.
  • @fenomas said: Bannon is quite the true believer. Huh. And after the violent white supremacist protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, in August, Breitbart published an article explaining that when Bannon said the site welcomed the alt-righ…
    in Good Articles Comment by Clme October 18
  • 91 photos... I'm glad no one does the old carousel slideshows at family events and parties anymore. Fuck. As for joining the traitorous book of Russian faces... Well, it got to the point I couldn't do anything with some charity/educational orga…