my racist friend

I've got an old friend from school that I wound up working with later on in life. He's a good dude at heart, and sometimes surprises me with his more liberal posts on FB, but his grandpa was a grand wizard. A lot of that racism got passed down. We used to sit in the hotel room after work drinking whiskey and talking about whatever, sometimes some racist shit would come up but I was always honest about not being on board. He told me straight up he respected me for voicing my opinion, even if he didn't agree. Honestly, it didn't come up that much.

We're friends on FB, and he's one of those guys who likes and shares pretty much anything with a rebel flag on it. I block the sites, just like I do most of the rest of that shit that comes across my feed, but he's always coming up with new ones and honestly it's impressive the amount of racist shitposting he finds. I got curious today and went to one of the pages he liked, and there are 0 likes 0 comments on all their trash. It's like someone on FB is constantly creating and showing him new sites to share. It seems like too much dick work for a human, so I half suspect there are bots creating these pages. It's also possible that FB is shutting them down, forcing whoever is responsible to be constantly making new pages to schlep their shit. Check this shit out:

I'm not looking for answers really, the obvious choice would be to turn him off, but I'm honestly more curious who is behind this?


  • I have a grandfather and a few uncles that spend half the day just sharing shitty posts from pages like this.

    I don't know who's creating it all, but I know if I see a new one I'll see it across a dozen other locations within the next two months. Especially if it has anything to do with the mythical 'reverse racism' or perceived liberal/black/female hypocrisy because then about half my damn friends list will end up sharing it.

    As the man said: My redneck roots keep nipping at my heels.

    In any case, I'm betting a lot of them are bots, but they have to be pretty sophisticated. The bot would need to not share too fast, and not share 24 hours a day. It would need a source of dozens or hundreds of websites or other facebook pages in order to share their shit. Someone, somewhere is still posting provably false articles and articles that are lies-by-omission. Unless those are automatic somehow too... they are pretty badly written.

    I forgot where i was going with this. Er... Well,,. They can't all be bot posts... but it could be easily over half of them.

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    I don't trust anything on Facebook that isn't a pic of the grandkids.

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    Yup. That's right up there with the old "If you disagree, don't bother posting." Because there is nothing at all wrong with their initial premise or their definitions, right? :smiley:

    Other favorites:

    • "If you can't help but try to 'refute' this post, then you're a liberal"

    • "Liberals will reply to this angrily. Conservatives will share this to make their friends laugh and to make liberals angry".

  • Thanks. I'm definitely curious if they're all 'manned' or if they are run by algorithm.

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