White House Correspondents Dinner

The roast this weekend has been producing some straight up comedy gold on Facebook!

"Emmett Till is on my mind today as a watch a POC attacked for her supposed slander of a white woman."



  • Oh wow. I missed that episode of the Daily Show.

    The roast though... I listened to the roast while on a walk at lunch yesterday.

    It was funny. You know, a lot of things can be forgiven if the joke is funny. There wasn't that much here that would have to have been forgiven even if it wasn't funny.

    The thing is... what the 'media' seems to be getting riled up about is a joke about burning facts and turning it into 'the perfect smokey eye'. As though that was somehow beyond the pale. I mean... there were at least four things she said that made me go "oh wow" but that wasn't one of them. It wasn't even close. The "Mike Pence is what you get when Anderson Cooper isn't gay" one seemed harsher, for example.

    Maybe it was worse because she was sitting right next to the person in question? In the normal 'guest of honor' position? That position that normally gets the most attention in a roast? Maybe none of the people reacting were ever forced to watch hundreds of TV shows where women try to apply a smokey eye effect? Actually that last one is probably it...

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    I haven't seen the entire roast, but I caught the tail-end on CNN... I don't think the smokey eye joke, that the media keeps replaying, wasn't the most shocking or nasty thing she said... I believe the folks making such a big stink about it are simply using it as an excuse to be outraged.

    I thought, joking about dropping a tree on Conway was the nastier joke...

    Was Michelle Wolf's performance funny? Sure... mostly... Was it in keeping with the theme of the Correspondents Dinner? Meh... Was it worth making such a big deal over? Nah...

  • I just watched it earlier, and it's hard to reconcile the furore over it with the speech itself. If you'd asked me to guess what people would take exception with I'd have thought it be saying "fuck", but that seems to have passed without comment. The smoky eye bit, I wouldn't even have remembered if people hadn't gone nuts about it.

    While this isn't usually my kind of take on things it's hard not to read a lot of sexism into the response. I don't think there was anything there that, say, Kimmel couldn't have said, or e.g. Dennis Miller couldn't have said about a liberal, without raising eyebrows.

    The best line for me was the one about Mitch McConnell couldn't be here because he's having his neck circumcised. That's your takeaway right there dammit!

  • Are there any right-wing comedians other than Dennis Miller?

  • There are a couple ... Jeff Dunham, Dom Irera, some say Bill Burr but I don't think he gives a shit.

  • @LonMabonJovi said:
    There are a couple ... Jeff Dunham, Dom Irera, some say Bill Burr but I don't think he gives a shit.

    There is Larry the Cable Guy and Jeff Foxworthy as well...

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    I don't actually think Jeff Foxworthy does much political comedy though. Larry the Cable Guy (Daniel Whitney) publicly supported Trump but I don't know if he made any... well... attempts at jokes during the appearances. (If he did, I just missed it. I'm happy to be corrected).

    I mean, they definitely do pander to the stereotypical right-wing comedic points, but I was thinking specifically people that do bits with current political comedy.

  • I always forget about Jeff Dunham.

    I'll say he's funnier than Dennis Miller at least. But that is about as far as I can take him. :-)

  • Nick DiPaolo is a right wing comic who is pretty funny.
    Wait what happened to the site?!?!

  • I wasn't sure I was at the right place at first, and then, on the very first page, I saw a thread called "Bill's Eugenics Proposal", and I knew I was home.

  • Suffice it to say the old forum broke irreparably at some point last year, and the main site at some point months/years before that. This is the replacement for... well... everything.

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