old school cool

I'm surprised they didn't spring for a hat with a feather ... it's all I'm missing


  • Haha thee pictures are great. Is that a matching cumberbun?

  • I think it's a support to hold the collar up.

  • Wow. I think I had a hand-me-down shirt from one of my uncles that looked like that. Rock on. Those collars were big enough to lift you up in a strong wind. :)

    Although, this also makes me hope the pictures of me in 1983 wearing a baby-blue suit with pink cummerbund don't get posted anywhere. Yikes. 80s weddings were so weird.

  • The two persons in the middle are my parents. The two on the end are my dad's brothers. My best guess is that the picture was taken in the early 1950s

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    The guy in the plaid with his back to the camera is my dad. Going clockwise, there's my mother's father, three of her siblings, the one in yellow's husband, and my big sister. You can see the haze of cigarette smoke in the air. Smoke was anywhere adults gathered at the time. The photograph was taken around Christmas of 1969 in my dad's basement rec room. I remember being extremely happy, almost giddy, that Christmas season.

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    There's my mom's father, my mom, and me circa 1971. My mom quit wearing dresses just as soon as it became socially acceptable for women to do so.

  • Ah yeah, the smoke. Grew up in a cloud of it, started smoking them myself when I was 15. I haven't had one in 10 days. It sucks, I miss them, but I was told my chances of healing up are a lot better if I stop. I'm not convinced it's worth it.

    Cool pics!

  • Neat pictures...

    No one in my family smoked, so I avoided the haze growing up.

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