well, that just happened


  • I'm not sure what part to be upset by, and what part to laugh at. Goddamn I miss when my brain was a lot simpler and I could just point at something and go "Ha-Ha!".

    Although.... Anonymous bases everything off of facts? Wow. I mean... sure: I've supported some of what they've done. But that comment did at least confirme he was a rape apologist.


  • What am I looking at?

  • I thought him zooming in on the Fawkes mask was extra funny, because I'd made it to mess with Moofax as a gag a couple days prior.

    @Bill said:
    What am I looking at?

    Friend of a friend was sleeping when this guy came in her room and attempted to sexually assault her. My friend got pissed, posted a link to his Facebook page and outed him.

    Random internet troll sees the post in his feed and shows up to insult everyone, cast doubt on the story, and makes a big enough stink that the girl who was assaulted felt compelled to respond.

    He went on from there to make at least 50 more posts, he claims to have a youtube channel with tons of subscribers who apparently post up to watch him make edgy comments on FB.

    The whole mess reminded me of some of the crazy fucks we used to get here ...

  • I suppose, everyone needs a hobby... :-\

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    I do have to say... its not every day you see one of these guys defending a Beta.


    But anyway... is that a 13th amendment tattoo? Or is he identifying as a biker? Gang member?

    The patches on the coat I don't recognize. The previous picture looks like it would be motorcycle club related. But it kind of looks like the names of a few different hardcore bands?

    Also... why the fancy name for a beautician? That equipment looks specialized, so maybe I'm misreading.

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