• "My goodness! Brian is very testy these days.

    I told him I had an old wager with someone and that I wanted to sort it out, and he completely ignored what I said, referring me instead to Caskur or Twap. The former is unable to focus on anything that isn't edible while the latter is busy transforming CO into a Brian-esque, Disney-flame site so dull that only the toothless seniors of the Ootikopf retirement compound could possibly derive any sort entertainment. He won't even tell me who the staff was when he left. I get the feeling that he isn't too proud of who he had on staff back then. I can't imagine why else he would be so snippy at what most would consider an innocuous question.

    Then again, Brian isn't exactly the steely-eyed flamer that I met back in '06-'07 any longer. Every scroll bomb he types out reads like an apology for the missteps of his previous dissertation. Terrible stuff, but at least it's more amusing than watching Twap run to the panel every time a "degrading" post hits CO."

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    I still love that a few of those guys continued to hang out here for a couple months after their 'invasion'.

    We just didn't react enough to be fun. It wasn't that we were too boring, it was that we were too jaded. :-)

    I'm almost sad their original forum is no more. But then, I was a little surprised they were still around as long as they were.

  • I remember when they made their announcement we were being invaded, like it was some kind of big deal. Good times :)

  • O_O I forgot about their attempt to invade and shock us.

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