• @joshy said:
    Isn't viewing source the default thing everybody does whenever a government entity puts out a new website, because they _always _code something half-assed like that?

    Pretty much.

    Plus the whole idea of "Decoding the HTML source code" like he had to use special tools and run it through some kind of hacker decompiler. Nah, he just had to have eyes and recognize groups of 9 numbers.

  • On one screen I like to do view source on HTML pages and on my other screen I have a full terminal window running htop.

  • tl;dr: some companies fired me because they think I'm racist and UCLA is the most suable entity involved

  • @fenomas said:

    tl;dr: some companies fired me because they think I'm racist and UCLA is the most suable entity involved

    As soon as I saw that the URL had the name Bari Weiss in it I knew it was going to be some fake claim of damage by leftist cancel culture. That is her raison d'etre now. Which is a shift from when she used to get people cancelled for having any good feelings towards Palestinians.

    Regarding the article.... Honestly, the email he received from a student was patronizing. However, his response was ridiculous. I was half expecting there to be some mulatto/quadroon shit in there. Even without the suspension a law-firm that does any background checks was going to find publicity about that email if any student shared it on social media or other website.

    I'm also not sure that his comparison of a supreme court case about refusing to sign a pledge is going to hold up to his guess on what hurt his side-hustle.

  • The pundits who said Obama hadn't done enough to deserve the Nobel peace prize are remaining curiously silent about Trump's ninth-degree black belt in taekwondo.

    I'm not normally one to allege political bias, but...

  • "Lawrence County GOP shared KKK imagery by ‘mistake,’ chairman says"

    Why would this image even be on a computer or device where a county Twitter account could have access to it?

    My guess? Because the person running their social media thought it was fucking hilarious, or poignant, or something cute to show the boys at their next social club meeting and had it saved.

    Remember that these are the same assholes that whine about how the Democrats founded the KKK and pretend that 1948-1972 never happened.

    Honestly though, I can't come up with a google search that has that image 'above the fold' without directly referencing this story. (It is possible that has poisoned the search results well, of course).

    Well, I should rephrase that. I can make the image appear very easily with some pretty disgusting search terms. But if I'm giving the benefit of the doubt its pretty hard to make them show up without typing something that referencing this story, so I'm curious.

    TinEye reverse image search reports the KKK elephant originated from a Mother Jones expose in 2020.

  • The picture was both unnecessary, and yet also appreciated.

    Shit, that thing is 20 years older than the man they removed it from.

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