Now each picture will show up in my timeline individually...

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Oh for crying out loud...

Gah! Unfollow goddamnit! 10 pictures a day wasn't enough? Now I need to see 91 pictures of your goddamn parasites all at once (followed by several times for each photo as grandparents and friends comment on each one with 'oh how sweet')? Nope. Done. I'd rather deal with the fucking gambling game announcements.


  • Mark Zuckerberg is an enemy of civilization. Boycott.

  • Yeah, yet another example of why I don't Facebook. My mother does... she keeps me updated on whatever's going on with the extended family.

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    91 photos... I'm glad no one does the old carousel slideshows at family events and parties anymore. Fuck.

    As for joining the traitorous book of Russian faces... Well, it got to the point I couldn't do anything with some charity/educational organizations unless I signed up with them via their FB. People just stared at me slack-jawed every time I asked them how to do something without the FaceBook account tie-in or having to RSVP via their page or whatever.

    Honestly, they would offer helpful tips like "Well, if you need a computer you can stop at a library..." as though they hadn't glared at me checking my fucking smart-phone a few minutes earlier. Obviously the issue was that I didn't have a computer to make an account. sigh

    Plus of course my wife/mother/etc had stopped forwarding info to me. Not that I need to know about every single 3 year old's birthday party, but fucking hell. Fully 1/3 of the family isn't on the facebooks and the rest have just begun to pretend those that aren't on it don't exist.

    I've said for years that the only reason I still am able to talk to certain family members is because I didn't see what they felt like sharing every time they were on the fucking toilet. I'm really close to the limit when I see supposedly rational people blindly believe/repost whatever the fuck their redneck-pride website tells them. Some I know actually do know better... but "whatever pisses off the liberals is good, even if I know it isn't true" wins the day. Ends justify the means or some shit. Just like losing their own healthcare just to piss off the liberals.

    I was recently asked by a cousin of mine why I had stopped posting the 'funny stuff'.... The funny stuff, of course, being my self deprecating missives that I have always produced a few times a month. I just replied that I've been on bookface for less than two months goddamnit! Just wait, it will come back around.

    (Of course, even when posting self-deprecating missives I avoid some topics and sanitize things for family/employer viewing... nothing about excessive drinking or unfiltered thoughts).

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